Home fitness challenge

Start date: 4/20

What's included:

  • Take your before photos & store them. No need to send them to me until the end with your after photos. Hold or tape a sign that says "DVF Safe At Home with the date"

  • You could wear a bikini or sports bra/shorts, please ensure they are full body , side, front & back pose. Use a self timer to take these if you don't have a friend to help. Use good lighting in both sets of photos.

  • Give this program your all!

  • Show up for yourself - make yourself proud!

Non- Refundable after purchase

Payment on Venmo available as well - Username DianeVanessa

For any other questions - Email me

What I need from you:


3 grand prize winners

for the best transformations

$150 cash each!

Many mini giveaways are held throughout the challenge as well!

  • Purchase any of my home guides, the hit guide, the ab guide, or both of those combined in the safe & fit bundle, OR even the dumbbell only guide to enter. Any of these are eligible.

  • Prices for these guides start at $10, that's it!

  • Weekly live workouts in the Facebook group

  • No equipment needed for the HIIT, ab guides (safe & fit bundle)

  • Depending on the guide you pick, you'll get 6 weeks of workouts!

  • HIIT & Ab guides (safe & fit bundle) include exercise demo videos that you can follow along like a virtual class!

  • Modifications for HIIT exercises are included

  • Programs can be tailored to all fitness levels

  • 5 day split per week for all guides

  • Dumbbell guide also has demo videos for all exercises

  • Weekly pop up giveaways! Chance to win goodies/supplements!

  • Amazing Facebook support group with the hundreds of women participating

  • Check each program link for specific details



No equipment needed for these programs! You could purchase these separately if you only want a specific guide for $10. You could bundle them up & save $5 by purchasing the Safe & Fit bundle. The bundle is the most popular!

Dumbbell Guide

This dumbbell only program targets each muscle group like a gym split. You only need dumbbells for this! You could always add mini bands to your workouts as well. 

50% off with code


at checkout :)


— Raquel, DB Guide

"I have the dumbbell only program and holy wow it leaves me so sore!!! All your workouts leave me dead! this has been a great switch up in my workout routine and I love all the exercises you put into the program! Plus the videos help tremendously "


— Marissa, Safe & Fit Bundle

"I have the hiiit and ab guides and I do them after my lifts... OMG what a great way to end my workouts.. I always feel so accomplished because I am literally DRIPPING!!  I have neglected abs for awhile so they are def feeling it but I love the soreness feeling . "


— Nay, DB Guide

"They are truly amazing!! I’m constantly recommending my girls to purchase them because you actually break a sweat. Once you get started and see that pump all you want to do is keep pushing. I’ve never been this happy with the results I’ve gotten in just 3/4 weeks. "

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