Transform Your Body 1.0 - Dumbbell Only Version ((HOME FRIENDLY PROGRAM))

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The only dumbbell program you will ever need!

This program is perfect for anyone who is looking to sculpt their body, reduce body fat & workout from home!

This is perfect for busy women who are looking to get fit at home or for my busy mommas out there who want to squeeze in a workout!

This is perfect for anyone & that is my goal with this program! You can even take this program to the gym & complete with the different range of dumbbells you have there.


6 week program

- 5 day split Upper & lower body split

- Many variations of exercises to keep your heart rate up

- All you need is a pair of dumbbells to complete this program

- Video demos for each exercise

- Correct/incorrect form is explained

- Listed sets & reps specified

- Nutrition advice

- Grocery List categorized my macronutrient


TYB Dumbbell Only Program

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